"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
Coco Chanel.

My hometown.

My hometown.
I live in Johannesburg, the city of gold, and I'm loving it.


Pinterest Interests Me

During my usual morning internet trawling I stumbled upon a fantastic and addictive site called Pinterest. 

Basically, Pinterest offers you a virtual pin-board where you can pin up and share content of your interest - whatever interests you may have, you can create as many pin-boards as you like.

You are probably thinking that this sounds just like any other social site (which it kinda does), but in my opinion it is the classic pin-board style and mashed-up content cultivation which differentiates this site from the rest. 

Check it out to make up your own mind and then let me know what you think.



Yesterday I made orange and white chocolate chip cupcakes with a toffee-melon glaze and a cherry and cranberry flavoured icing, topped with dark and white chocolate curls.


Winter Blues

I have had more than enough of shivering and coffee, and I am definitely ready for ice-tea on a lounger by the pool. Alas, winter is not yet done taunting me.

To beat the winter blues, and get a bit of inspiration, I checked out Eugenio Recuenco - amazing photographer.

These are my favourites :)

Some of these inventive scenes are clearly inspired by stories like Little Red Riding Hood and The Princess and The Pea, and some are inspired by eras of the past. Either way, the beauty that I see here makes me smile and I hope I am passing that feeling on through showing the photographs on my blog.


Photographer Inspiration

Annie Liebovits is my photographer god. The work she has done for Disney and for Vanity Fair are my personal favourites.

Check them out...

The Little Mermaid

Peter Pan

Snow White


Alice in Wonderland

Beauty and the Beast

The Wizard of Oz

Vanity Fair Shoot

Vanity Fair Shoot

Vanity Fair Shoot

Cate Blanchet

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Hanzel and Gretel

Zooey Dechanel

Leopard Print Obsession

I may be described as over-enthusiastic about leopard print.

As long as we stray from the kitsch and keep it classy, leopard print is boss.

Tea & Music Afternoons

I sit upstairs from the studio in the room, next to the window. The sun is going down so it's at the perfect angle to be on my back while I'm typing. Blogging and working simultaneously. I have my cup of menthol green tea and my music is blaring. So comfortable it's beyond words.

It's the little pleasures

I wish to be beyond the plateau, by the sea

A holiday in Knysna sounds like fun! I was there in January. Oyster bars, big boats, incredible views, great shops, lush forests and a quiet type of buzz. This place is a wonderful getaway...ah, dreams. I will go back soon enough.